Thursday, February 9, 2012

Energy is everything!

I know in today's world people throw around the idea of energy and spirituality a lot, but let me tell you there is something powerful in the notion of putting positive energy into the universe.

Let me get personal for a minute. This semester when classes started I barely had four classes and those classes were the only ones open, so I didn't technically need them! But hey at least I was at 12 units. When the first week started I kept an open mind, hoping to add a class I needed so that I would not just be taking classes to take classes. When I arrived to my first class, a Tuesday morning, I was surprised to see that in the classroom there were sowing machines and work tables in the other half of the classroom.... Umm there are many things I am confident I can achieve but sowing is something I would have to really work hard at. To say the least. Needless to say I stayed for the duration of the class feeling a little awkward but stayed positive that I could in fact conquer this. I went to a friends house after class to look up classes being offered by two former professors of mine and to my surprise both classes were later that day. I went hoping to add one of the two classes. The first class, an Anthropology class, seemed hopeful and on Thursday she added me! The second class, a Journalism class focused on diversity in media, was the opposite but I stayed for the whole class. Then on Friday I tried to add two more Journalism classes to which I also felt there was no chance I would be added. Long story short I am not enrolled in 5 classes that I am either interested in and/or need. The lesson here? I made it a point to exude an energy that was positive. I felt the energy in the air was positive and I wanted to contribute to it, by doing that things all worked out.

My point is that we all get caught up in our own personal obstacles but forget to let the light in. Open the blinds, let the sun in! By simply allowing the positive energy in you can feel your best which allows you to be your best! Think about it. Pass it on, smile at people and be kind!! Open doors, make an effort to shine and let others shine! We can be the sunshine for each other! Most of all be authentic to yourself, be the true you! Just think about it, have a fantastic day!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday is the BEST day of the week!

Life is what we make of it, so let's make Monday a more memorable part of the week!
Instead of seeing it as the end of the weekend fun, look at Monday as the beginning of another week filled with opportunity! Have faith that each week will bring you closer to your destiny! Today will be wonderful, if YOU choose to LET it be wonderful. Another way to ensure a great day is to smile all day long. Smile at people, say hello to the thousands of people that cross your path, and listen to them. When you acknowledge someone or simply smile at them you are potentially making their day... And let me tell you, making someone else's day will in turn make YOUR day!

 I smile all morning long while I serve people coffee, and let me say that many of them appreciate my genuine positive outlook. Just take it one step at a time, but be aware of the energy you are exuding. Make an effort to put out a happy energy and you will learn that it circles back to you. Monday can be just Monday or it can be day one of a whole new YOU! Think about it, but while you think put a smile on that face!  HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! I know my day is going to rock, is yours?

Pass on the GREENage! 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Let the Revolution Begin!

Welcome to the beginning of a positive movement I call GREENage! I am here to make YOU smile, think, and love life more! 

Life can be experienced in a more positive way if we all just take a minute to smile at strangers, hold the door open for the person behind us, or do other random acts of kindness.

The positivity has begun, let us all keep it going... Let's pay it forward!